Are you a first-time home buyer afraid to take the leap? You continue to pay rent – money that never comes back to you when you move. Goodbye money 💸!

You DO pay a mortgage though – your landlord’s mortgage! AND you pay for the repairs too. People who buy real estate to rent take into account mortgage and repair/maintenance costs and calculate that into their rental rates before they even buy an investment property.

With interest rates super low right now, it IS a good time to buy. Take this house (pictured above) I sold in 2015. It was a cosmetic fixer purchased by first-time buyers in Seattle for just under $280,000. It’s now worth over $500,000. That’s about $44,000 per year of appreciation! That’s REAL MONEY when they’re ready to sell – money they didn’t have to sweat for at a job. When they sell, all that rent they paid themselves will be returned to them WITH appreciation. 💰💰💰 Although they pay interest, the appreciation FAR outpaces the interest and they will walk away with a major profit. Contact me about buying your own home!

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