Summer is the New Spring

A lot of people here in the Pacific Northwest don’t realize that real estate didn’t stop because of the governor’s stay-home “order.” We had a hiatus for three days but real estate is an essential service. Tens of thousands of people were in the midst of buying or selling a home when the coronavirus hit. One can’t just stop that midstream. Imagine the people who already gave their landlord or job notice, already paid for moving services, got a job out of the area, etc. We actually barely slowed down. Now that businesses are opening up everywhere, we are full speed ahead again. This year started VERY strong for Pacific NW home sellers due to low inventory.

Yet, it’s been great for home buyers too because interest rates have been so historically low. 🚨 Buyers! Don’t get stuck on the sticker price of homes! Focus on the monthly MORTGAGE. On average, you are likely to stay in a home for only 10 years. Is it better to buy a home during that time at low interest rates (plus gain appreciation later) or to rent and never get that money back EVER??? 🚨

Call, text, or email to talk to me about buying or selling a home at this time. Tons of actually helpful information on my website at 👈🏻👈🏼👈🏽👈🏾👈🏿

(206) 866-8090

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