Tacoma building 20-unit residential apartment building without notifying neighbors

By Candy, Mike and Todd Show
November 11, 2019

It might be a bit jarring to own a house in a residential neighborhood and only find out through the news that a few houses down an apartment building is being constructed.

That’s what happened in one Tacoma area where a house is being replaced with a building set to house 20 400-square-foot units renting at $1,050 a month, and which will only have one parking space for the entire building, reports The News Tribune.

“It’s got one parking spot. So let’s see, you’ve got probably 40 people living there. Divide that by two and carry that over and then so you have got one spot for 40 people,” KIRO Radio’s Todd Herman joked.

Sufficed to say neighbors were a tad thrown off by this project, especially since they hadn’t been notified about it, according to The News Tribune. The project does align with standards for transit-oriented developed projects which have reduced requirements for on parking in such units.

Because this particular project and others like it in Tacoma has 20 or fewer units, it is exempt from any form of standard environmental review, public review and comment, and even public notice, which is why residents didn’t know about it until they heard about the developers’ property tax credit getting approved by city council.

“When these buildings get approved, it always drives me crazy that there when they don’t include parking. Just because I think of the impact on the rest of the neighborhood and everyone else,” added co-host Candy Harper. When Candy built a tree house in her yard, she even managed to notify neighbors.

For Todd, it’s not about city regulations or zoning, it’s about being a good neighbor.

“Tacoma just started building this stuff. They didn’t so much as knock on the door and say, ‘Hey, we’d like to build a 20 units apartment building of studio apartments with one parking spot next to you.’” he said. “I’m saying this: If you live in a building with no parking spots, you don’t get to have a car … Or you have to prove that you have parking for your car.”

From https://mynorthwest.com/1592690/tacoma-apartment-house-neighbors/


On the Ballot: Real Estate Excise Tax!

This should be of interest to everyone, in particular Washington homeowners, but also those in the market to buy a home in WA as this will affect you eventually: Real estate excise tax is on the ballot for this November 5, 2019!  Excise tax is one of the largest expenses when selling a property in WA state. #VOTE!

Start your furnace now to spot safety problems before winter’s cold

These last days of fall are a great time to test your natural gas heating and water heating equipment and make sure they are operating safely.

Problems often go unnoticed until the first cold snap, when the chill in the air sends you running for your thermostat. But if you turn on your furnace briefly now, you can spot problems early and be sure you aren’t left in the cold!

If you think your natural gas furnace, water heater or other appliances are not operating safely or properly, please call Puget Sound Energy (PSE) at 1‑888‑225‑5773. They’ll send a technician to your home or business for a free visit* to diagnose the problem. Depending on the diagnosis, the technician can perform minor repairs for a charge.

*Available to natural gas residential and business customers that have natural gas equipment

6 Benefits of Small House Living

When I first moved into a bigger apartment, I was really surprised that I missed my first TINY apartment…a lot! Not because it was my first place, but because it was so easy and fast to clean! (I could vacuum it with a hand-vac, ha!). Plus I had a place for everything and everything was in its place; it was my perfect little dollhouse.

Although I’m older now and in a not-too-huge house of my own, there’s much to be said about small-home living. Here are just a few benefits:

1. Gain TIME – It’s easier and faster to maintain.

A bigger house has more nooks and crannies to gather dirt and dust and STUFF that gathers its own dirt and dust. Having a small home allows you to keep it super clean and tidy with minimal time and effort, freeing your time for what you really want to do: gardening, biking, spending time with friends, studying, crafting, traveling, you name it.

2. A small house is less expensive.

It isn’t just the purchase price that’s less, but also the heating and cooling bills, maintenance costs, insurance, and taxes. That adds up! What are some goals you have that could be met faster if you didn’t have such a huge mortgage or maintenance costs?

3. Closeness encourages closeness.

You can’t help but be close to people you’re literally close to! You’ll never regret spending dinner with your kids and spouse close together at a table talking and enjoying a meal. In a 3,000 SF house, it’s easy for one person to spend it playing games downstairs while another spends it watching a movie upstairs. Where’s the connection there? When you’re together, you can’t help but to start chatting, sharing, or just enjoying each other’s company in silence (my favorite, haha!).

4. Easier to sell later.

Smaller homes are in more demand than big expensive ones because a wider range of folks can afford them – Generation Z just starting out, empty nesters, first-time homebuyers at any age, middle income families, and just plain frugal folks (that’s me). You’ll really appreciate the fast sell when you need to relocate to another state for a job or family. OR, keep it as a rental. Smaller homes make great rentals. Plus because your mortgage is smaller, the going rental rate is likely enough for your renter to cover all of it PLUS enough to put aside for repairs and maintenance. That’s a great way to build real estate equity for free!

5. Less likely to accumulate clutter.  

For me, physical clutter is mental clutter. Living in a small home means one is more likely to give away stuff that’s no longer needed but useful to another.

6. Reduced commute.

Houses in the city cost more but they’re also closer to work for many. What does a reduced commute mean to you? Maybe more time with the spouse and kids? More time to get to the gym? More time to work on your side gig? Less irritation with traffic? Decide on being content with a smaller home and you’ll get closer to the city and perhaps closer to some of your time management and financial goals.

Written by Daisy Casillas, 1% Real Estate Agent

Free Community Cleanups for Pierce County Residents

This is an awesome service if you live in Pierce County for cleaning up your property and neighborhood free of charge! Check out the link below for dates, times, and more information on what to bring (and what not to bring) for donation and recycling:


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