Home Improvement Products

Why wait to make massive improvements when selling your home just for someone else to enjoy it when YOU can ENJOY those improvements today while you’re living in your home?

Many homeowners delay small but meaningful upgrades to their home and do it all at once when they decide to sell. Then later think, “Wow, I should have done this sooner. This looks great!” Make small improvements in the years that you live in your house. That is, keep up with maintenance and cosmetic upgrades. You’ll reap the benefits of coming home to a lovelier home. (For me, it’s stressful to see my own home a mess, mismatched, or in disrepair.) Maybe you’ll even stay in your home longer! But when it IS time to sell, you’ll also reap the benefits of being able to immediately market your home without delays and usually get more money for a well-maintained and updated home. Any other improvements at that time can be made in less time and with less money suddenly draining your pocketbook too!

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Following are some of the products I love and recommend:

Ceiling Lights & Fans

Coming soon!


Coming soon!

Exterior Lighting

Solar Ground Lights

I really like how these lay flat. It looks modern and sleek plus you can mow the lawn over it without having to be careful of knocking them over. Click the image below for the link to Amazon:

Solar Spotlights

Display your American flag with pride! These are great for spotlighting Old Glory at your home. Looks very stately at night. Remember: home buyers drive neighborhoods at night too! Click the image below for the link to Amazon:


Coming soon!

Kitchen & Bath Fixtures

Island-Mount Range Hood in Stainless Steel

I bought this one for my own kitchen and it’s fantastic! The lights are LED, and there’s a timer for the fan so it’s not turned on indefinitely. I simply set the timer for however long I want, from 3 min to 60 min and it’ll turn off on its own. Three fan strength settings too. This is for installation above an island or peninsula (like mine). Click the image below for the link to Amazon:

Wall-Mount Range Hood in Black Painted Stainless Steel

This one must be mounted to the wall, and it too features a timer for the fan. I’m fond of the black look on this one! Click the image below for the link to Amazon:

Designer Style Wall-Mount Range Hood

These are more pricey, but really pretty! They come in 4 styles and various widths. Click the image below for the link to Amazon:

Lawn & Garden

Coming soon!

Outdoor/Backyard Living

Coming soon!


I love my Ring doorbell! They also have a platform within the Ring app to connect with neighbors (not their Rings) to report crimes or issues in your area. Check out how this military family keeps in touch with their dad through the Ring webcam when he gets stationed overseas!

Smart Home & Automation

Outlet Switch with Programmable Timer

Great for automating overhead lighting, ceiling fans, porch lighting or other outlets controlled by a wall switch so you arrive to a safe and secure home! I use it for my exterior house lights so they’re not on using electricity when it’s broad daylight. I can also set it to random on and off right around sunset and sunrise, so it appears more random. Click the image below for the link to Amazon:


I recently had house guests and not enough beds to go around so I bought these airbeds on Amazon and my guests raved over how comfortable they were! So much so that they recommended to friends of their own who they knew needed them soon. In addition to being comfy, they are SUPER easy to blow up and blow down (is that a phrase? Ha!). The inflator is integrated into the bed. Just a flip of a switch turns it on and flip the switch the other way to suck the air out of it too. Click the image below for the link to Amazon:

Amazon’s Home Improvement Best Sellers

Home Improvement Best Sellers

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