1% Real Estate Agent in Washington State

Shopping for a Real Estate Agent?

Never ask, “How many years of experience do you have?” Instead ask, “How many transactions did you perform last year?” WHY? The vast majority of Realtors don’t work at all in real estate or represent buyers/sellers in ONLY 4 transactions per year. They might do this for 20+ years! Four transactions per year isn’t even part-time work. So don’t be fooled — ask about the number of transactions, not years!

Sell a House

I list properties for just 1%. Plus, if I bring the buyer, it’s just 2% TOTAL to sell your property (that extra 1% is my incentive to get you a buyer STAT!). This rate is much better than FSBO (For Sale By Owner) and beats any other real estate agent in Washington state, even Redfin (without complicated rules).

If a buyer’s agent is involved, I suggest offering them 2% to 2.5% (it’s up to you!) for a TOTAL of 3% to 3.5% to sell your property. You still receive FULL-SERVICE representation from a 4th generation real estate broker, including professional photography and online advertising. Let me handle your real estate business so you can handle what you do best – your life!

It’s always a good time to sell when you’re saving big on commission by using a 1% real estate listing agent (aka seller’s agent) with Daisy Casillas. Don’t let the term “discount brokerage” mislead you. I don’t compromise on service just because the market – and technology – has changed the way we sell real estate. The level of service you’ll receive is indistinguishable from 3% brokers. You’ll just save, on average, a whopping $16,000. What could you do with that additional cash? 

In short, if you can put it on the MLS and pay the SAME or LESS than what you’re paying or offering now, why wouldn’t you??

Buy a House

Buying a House MAKES You Money
In 2022, buyers suddenly bowed out of the housing market when interest rates rose.  Interest rates of 6% to 7% seemed really high.  But were they? Roughly 6 to 7 years ago, interest rates were at that same level, and no one batted an eye!  So why back out? Because buyers on the market today typically weren’t on the market to buy 6 to 7 years ago so they aren’t aware we’re back to “normal” interest rates.  Everyone simply became accustomed to the news touting “historically low interest rates!” and “now is the time to buy!”

But was it? WHEN is the best time to buy? Is it based on interest rates or the price of the home?

Interest rates will always rise and fall. But home prices typically always RISE. Think about home prices in the early 2000s, 1980s, 1960s, 1940s! Much cheaper as we go back in time, right?! Of course!  The time to buy is always NOW!  The longer we wait, the higher the prices. Buyers may not have their ideal interest rate now, but you nearly always have your best purchase price today.  You can . . . (continue reading . . .)

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Still not convinced 1% brokerage works? No problem! I’m happy to charge you 3%. Contact me today to get started.

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