Mortgage Lenders


Know Your Numbers

The first step to buying a home is knowing your numbers and what a lender is willing to loan you. Why? Because there’s a significant difference between homes at different price tiers and that can lead to big disappointment if you’ve been eyeing homes online or (even worse) touring them in person. Save yourself the heartache – get preapproved first. 


Unless you’re using cash to purchase a home, you’ll need to find a lender who will give you a loan at a good rate. Another reason for doing this first is that in the Pacific Northwest, properties go FAST. When we make an offer on a house, we must submit a lender preapproval letter along with your offer. And lenders require a LOT of information about you (your credit, income, debts, etc.) and that means taking some time to gather those documents to submit to a lender.

Shop Around for a Mortgage Loan

PLUS, now is a good time to shop around for a mortgage loan. It does NOT hurt your credit to do so. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you did what you could to get the best interest rate. 

Do YOU Approve of It?

Also, just because a lender approves you at a certain dollar amount, it doesn’t mean you’ll want to purchase at that maximum. You may feel much more comfortable paying a lower monthly payment.

I’m not affiliated with the following mortgage lenders (I don’t receive any compensation or even referrals from them), but I have found these to be super responsive, which is really important when purchasing a home because time is of the essence. Get started now!

HomeFinity – Curtis Gruber

Caliber Home Loans

Fellowship Home Loans


Already got your preapproval letter? Super! Email me the letter and complete this Buyer’s Questionnaire (<– click) to start your home search. This will help YOU as well as help ME to find just the right property for you.

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