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Daisy listed and sold my condo with efficiency and professionalism. She represented me as the seller and was very clear in her role from first meeting to final signing. If I needed questions answered she was very responsive and provided all the guidance I needed as a seller.
Seller (user2001660) on Zillow (Puyallup, WA) 10/2022

Daisy acted quickly once we decided that we wanted to make an offer to purchase our condo. Our offer was submitted and accepted within just a few hours of making our decision to purchase. Daisy submitted everything to the closing company promptly and even suggested a mortgage broker for our loan. The entire purchasing process went extremely smooth and just three weeks later we were closing on our beautiful new condo, all thanks to Daisy’s aggressive, professional attitude for making dreams come true. Thanks Daisy!
Steve R on Google (Puyallup, WA) 10/2022

Daisy was great. My husband was diagnosed with cancer and we needed to sell our home and move closer to treatment facilities. She helped us to save money which we desperately needed to do because of the medical expenses. She was kind, compassionate and worked in our behalf. We were able to close quickly. Any issues that came up, she handled promptly. She was responsive, which was so important. We’d definitely hire her again.
London Michaels on Google (Yelm, WA) 7/2022

I initially hired a realtor who was charging 3%. She highly recommended I offer 2.5% or 3% to the buyers realtor to attract more buyers. I wasn’t a big fan of paying around 6% commission ($30,000) on a house selling for around 500k. A close friend of mine who sold with Daisy Casillas told me how amazing she was and how much money he saved going with Daisy selling his house. He informed me she was a 1% realtor. I automatically assumed she does less work since she only collects 1%….I assumed wrong. She did everything my 3% realtor promised and then some. She helped me find a painter at a great price to paint numerous parts of my house to make it look better and had great recommendations on colors to attract buyers. Since my house was a rental for the past 11 years and empty, I wanted to have it staged and the company she recommended was cheaper than the rest of the staging companies in the area. Daisy was extremely communicative and kept me informed every step of the way. She works around the clock to get your house sold and at top dollar. She was very honest and extremely knowledgeable on the market. She constantly put my mind at ease when I was stressed out with a bunch of questions because she had all the answers. She has a ton of experience and talking to her it really shows. My wife and I couldn’t have been happier going with Daisy. I saved $15,450 by hiring Daisy Casillas. When I sell my home in Virginia, I will be sure to look for a 1% realtor to save myself a bunch of money again!! 3% realtors are out there robbing people blind and I am glad my friend talked some sense into me to fire my 3% realtor! Every realtor I interviewed in Pierce County spoke about how they were better than all the other realtors. Daisy was very humble and her results say it all. She didn’t bad mouth other realtors and was a true professional. I very highly recommend Daisy to anyone selling a home. If you want around an extra $15,000 or more in your pocket after the sale of your home, go with Daisy Casillas, you will be happy you did!
Fady Sinno on Zillow (Spanaway, WA) 4/2022

I couldn’t have ask for a better experience. If you’re looking for a realtor who knows what she’s doing look no further. I honestly couldn’t imagine being satisfied with overpriced realtors. She was the absolute professional and I’m so glad we linked. Just like I know whoever’s reading this will.
TheManSK on Zillow (Lacey, WA) 4/2022

“1 Percent” Daisy got it done! With Daisy’s help we sold my home for over $75K over asking price plus she saved me thousands in commissions. The whole process was seamless and transactions smooth. I wholeheartedly recommend Daisy. Thank you!!!
Carleton Kennedy on Zillow (Tacoma, WA) 4/2022

Thanks to Daisy she was the first person responding when we try to find a realtor. She sold our house $20,000 than we ask for!!! Everything went smoothly and fast!!! 4 days in the market and 3 weeks to close..very happy to have her like a broker and living from an other state everything went very well and easily..!!! THANKS a LOT DAISY!!!
Helen Victor on Zillow (Bonney Lake, WA) 2/2022

I’ve sold several properties in the last 10 years and Daisy’s services have been as good as any I’ve received. The transaction completed smoothly and timely, plus Daisy saved me thousands of dollars. I highly recommend Daisy!
Sherry M. on Zillow (Burien, WA) 1/2022

Daisy was great in getting our listing ready and helping us all the way through the process. She was available at any given time to answer our questions. When it came time to make our choice of offers, she helped us understand and walk us through each one and pick which was best for us.
Lisa Jaques on Zillow (Rochester, WA) 8/2021

Daisy is fabulous and I happily recommend her to all of my friends. She’s quick, has great communication and is very knowledgeable and detail oriented. She provides better service than agents who charge three times as much.
Dorinda Daly on Google (Graham, WA) 7/2021

Daisy made our home selling experience smooth and easy. Anytime there was a question she would get back to us in a very timely manner. She came highly recommended and I will recommend her the same.
Jeremiah on Google (Silverdale, WA) 6/2021

Extremely responsive and professional! I can’t speak highly enough of my experience with Daisy Casillas. She made everything go smooth and stress free. Thanks to her I was able get the offer that I wanted for my land. I would highly recommend her.
Scott Kent on Facebook (Renton, WA) 4/2021

TOPS!! Great professional service got us $10k more! Handled uncooperative tenant!!! Daisy kept us updated constantly. Highly recommend Daisy! Always available to answer questions!!!!!!!
Douglas Hettler on Google (Olympia, WA) 3/2021

Daisy really worked hard to make sure paper work and all information was correct before we signed anything. Very professional experience and she made sure that we were well informed throughout the process. Highly recommended.
A Gig Harbor Seller on Zillow (Gig Harbor, WA) 3/2021

Daisy was one of the only real estate agents that listened to what we wanted and took our point of view seriously. She explained the market to get the most showings for our home. We were extremely happy with the way Daisy handled all of the process and would highly recommend over a traditional agent. Very professional and we have already recommended to family looking to sell soon.
Connie Luder on Google and Facebook (Gig Harbor, WA) 3/2021

Daisy has been a pure delight and expert to work with. We are so glad we decided to use Daisy as our Realtor. She was available anytime we needed to talk and she goes above and beyond the traditional realtor in representing us, our home and our interests. She not only put out booties for interested parties to wear but little reminder signs all over the house to remind the other realtors to turn off lights and also little extras that were not obvious just looking at the house. The effort she puts in is well beyond what you would expect of a full percentage realtor and she does it all for 1%! You can’t go wrong with Daisy on your side.
The MacDonald’s on Google (Tacoma, WA) 1/2021

Daisy was super professional and knowledgeable!! Her communication is quick and we felt so much trust since we met her. She helped us to navigate through the offers we got. I totally recommend her.
Kimo Velleses on Zillow (Lacey, WA) 1/2021

It was daunting thinking of hiring an agent to sell my out-of-state rental home. As soon as made contact with Daisy I had a feeling everything would be handled well. She definitely delivered! It’s really true that she gives her clients full service for 1%!! She was a great negotiator on my behalf and she even went above and beyond when an issue with my washer and dryer came up at the last moment before closing. Save yourself thousands and list with Daisy!
mwhome4u (Mary) on Zillow (Tacoma, WA) 12/2020

I cannot say enough about what a tremendous help Daisy was with the sale of our house. She was always there when we had questions and was very knowledgeable and assisted us through the process. She formulated a great strategy in order for us to get what we were asking on the sale of our home.
Tammy Scoggin on Google (Lacey, WA) 12/2020

When we decided to sell our home, I interviewed a number of traditional real estate brokers, who mistakenly told me I would not get the same level of service from a discount agent like Daisy. Daisy was persuasive and professional in her presentation, exhibiting confidence and extensive real estate knowledge. I’m thankful to Daisy for convincing me to list with her. Daisy listed on the Multiple Listing Service with a great property description and many professionally taken photos. Within three days we received numerous requests to tour the the house and five competitive bids. Thanks to Daisy’s advice we accepted the right offer, $10,000 over our asking price! All closing documentation and signing was fast and easy online with the closing company. Daisy saved us many thousands of dollars in real estate commissions and proved her value in selling our home. I would highly recommend Daisy’s services to anyone interested in substantially reducing their selling cost.
Al Slack on Google (Bonney Lake, WA) 11/2020

Great agent and great person. She was everything I needed in an agent and we got along wonderfully. Hard working and always ready to help. I honestly wish more agents were like her and not so arrogant.
– Mortuiccio on Zillow (Gig Harbor, WA) 11/2020

Daisy really saved me money for 1% commission listing with professional photography and full service. She got my property sold quick at a higher than asking price within a short time. Thanks Daisy.
Huey D. on Google (Puyallup, WA) 11/2020

I was listing to sell my rental as FSBO, and got many inquiries for 2 weeks, but none was serious. Daisy contacted me and introduced herself and her listing service for 1% with professional photography. I was wondering how fast can she sell it for 1% commission, which would save us thousand of dollars, but tried her service anyway. She got the photographer out within a couple of days and listed within the week. I immediately got a serious offer at a higher than asking price. With Covid going on, Daisy’s communication, negotiation and document signing process was prompt and totally remote. Everything went well and we closed without any issue. Couldn’t be happier.
– H. Dinh on Zillow (Puyallup, WA) 11/2020

. . . Daisy won me over and I gave her a chance. Wow! This woman is on the ball. Daisy is what all realtors should strive to be like. I was very impressed and can honestly say she rebuilt my faith in realtors. Give Daisy a chance and you will never regret it.
Christian Vienneau on Google (Puyallup, WA) 10/2020

I was very impressed with Daisy’s knowledge of the real estate market/process. She knows her stuff and that gives us great confidence and security as we go through the home sale process. She is very professional and I would definitely recommend. Plus we saved a ton of money. Thank you.
Kristy Brown on Google (North Bend, WA) 10/2020

I would recommend her to anyone! Awesome job! She did my house quickly and made the process so painless. I hope to work with her in the future. I had a unique property and she handled it perfectly. You can’t go wrong with Daisy, she’s the best in her field.
– tanzprincess68 on Zillow (Kent, WA) 10/2020

Daisy works really hard to get you into the home of your dreams and she made it all happen in a short amount of time. It all happened and I wasn’t exhausted at the end. “SAVVY” the perfect word for this energetic broker. She’s delightful to work with. And 1% to boot!
Vickie Pillon on Google (Bonney Lake, WA) 09/2020

Before signing with Daisy, I interviewed three other realtors and none of them came close to matching her professional approach to helping me sell my property. She made the process very easy and worry free with her full service approach at a 1% fee, giving me thousands of dollars that I would not have received with a conventional broker. She provided me with information at a moment’s notice, met with me on my schedule, and gave me honest feedback throughout the process.
– inbokchoi0 on Zillow (Lacey, WA) 08/2020

Daisy advertised our home in multiple ways and we sold it in less than two days. We saved thousands of dollars and enjoyed working with her every step of the way.
– Richie Harmon on Facebook (Kent, WA) 07/2020

We were amazed at how many different methods Daisy used to advertise and showcase our home. The result was twelve prospective buyers in two days and the sale of our home in less than the two days, at the asking price. She is very attentive to our questions and needs. She saved us thousands of dollars on our sale.
– RichieKay on Zillow (Kent, WA) 07/2020

You get what you pay for” does not apply to Daisy. She went above and beyond what I expected for only charging 1%. She paid for the photography and walked us through everything we should take care of before showing. She was friendly, informative, and really helpful with us being first time home owners/sellers. She even came by to get the spare key from the box when I locked myself out of my own house 😂. She wasn’t afraid to stick up for us when the buyers’ realtor was being difficult and even after she had been paid, she still went out of her way to make sure we got everything we were supposed to. The buyers’ loan company didn’t give us the correct amount but she contacted them and got it fixed. Wish we could take her to Texas with us to find our next house 😂
Blackrose Requiem on Google (Tacoma, WA) 07/2020

Daisy was excellent to work with and handled our transaction like a pro! She was available, and quick to respond. We greatly appreciated her help to purchase our wonderful cabin!
– K. Nickel on Redfin (Ocean Shores, WA) 07/2020

I approached Daisy’s brokerage because of the extremely attractive offer: 1% commission … which made a tremendous difference in the seller’s proceeds … this is absolutely the way of the future. Daisy was very effective in her marketing and produced results within a matter of days … after the above-asking price offer, the following transactions were very smooth and on track and we ended up closing almost 2 weeks sooner — an overall fantastic experience.
S. B. on Google (Federal Way, WA) 06/2020

Not only she helped make the transaction go smoothly but also Daisy saved me thousands of dollars!! I highly recommend her.
Tae Yeo on Google (Lacey, WA) 05/2020

Daisy was simply amazing. Her knowledge impressed me constantly; her patience with me as I sold my house during the beginning of the pandemic was greatly appreciated. She even brought me moving boxes when she found out I was needing more! Talk about going above and beyond! She gets absolutely the highest marks possible. Hire this girl!
– C. N. on Redfin (Steilacoom, WA) 04/2020

Daisy handled all issues and buyers problem that came up. She got us the price we wanted in timely manner and saved us thousands of dollars. She was instrumental in making the transaction go smoothly. It was a great choice going with Daisy!!!
Norm M. on Zillow (Yelm, WA) 03/2020

Daisy got us through a crazy home selling process. We had been through the literal ringer. We had an agent to start but had an unfortunately really negative experience with him to the point of saying if this is how working with an agent is going to be we’ll deal with our own headaches. So we braved it on our own going FSBO and when that became something that wasn’t going our way, we decided on going with a 1% agent (Daisy) and within a week had the offer that we were looking for. She made the process seamless and painless.
– W. H. on Redfin (Tacoma, WA) 09/2019

Daisy got us through a crazy home selling process. We had been through the literal ringer. We had an agent to start but had an unfortunately really negative experience with him to the point of saying if this is how working with an agent is going to be, we’ll deal with our own headaches. So we braved it on our own going FSBO and when that became something that wasn’t going our way, we decided on going with a 1% agent (Daisy) and within a week had the offer that we were looking for. She made the process seamless and painless.
– Quincy H. on Redfin (Tacoma, WA)

There were some defeating moments throughout the sale of my home and the purchase of a new home. I feel Daisy was a friend, a guide, a mentor, who easily put my wife and I at ease. She was not demanding, she was very approachable, professional, and I am glad I put my trust into her. I’m grateful and I love my new home.
– Nosh Hedg on Zillow (Federal Way, WA) 01/2020

My husband and I agree on almost nothing and disagree on almost everything. So, when we decided to sell our home and purchase a new one, we were glad we found Daisy to help us through the process. Daisy was great, she is patient, reliable, and knowledgeable regarding the housing market! She did wonderful marketing to help sell our home faster than I expected and helped us purchase our new home, which we LOVE! Daisy offers 1% fees, but is worth much more and shows this through the great services that she provides!
– Kecia H. on Zillow (Federal Way, WA) 01/2020

We loved to work with Daisy. It was the first time that we ever sold a house and of course we were confused and didn’t know where to start. But Daisy made the process very easy and within three days having our house on the market we had two offers. She helped to resolve upcoming problems quickly and responded to issues immediately. We really appreciated that. We highly recommend using Daisy as a realtor.
S. H. on Yelp (Orting, WA) 10/2019

We can’t speak highly enough of our experience with Daisy Casillas. I had to sell my house before moving to the east coast. It was my first time selling a house so I was extremely confused until I decided to choose Daisy Casillas as my realtor. She came to our home and explained how everything works and what needed to be done in order to make the sale. She made everything go smooth and stress free. Thanks to her I was able get the offer that I wanted for my house within a 5 days of being the market. I would highly recommend her.
– F. Lopez on Zillow (DuPont, WA) 6/2019

My wife and I spent the last 10 years upgrading and beautifying our home putting in hundreds of hours of sweat equity. So, when it was time to sell we wanted to get the most out of our hard work. Paying someone 6% of the selling price of our home made no sense! When we found Daisy on Savvy Lane, we were not sure what level of service we would get because of the low commission. However, we were blown away by all the help we received from her. She came to our home gave us great tips on getting it ready for market. She hired a professional photographer to take some great pictures for the listing. She had a yard sign installed and had our property up on the MLS. All this in less than 2 weeks. Because of her advice on prepping and showing the house, it was sold in 3 days. She then helped us navigate through the closing process and keep us on task with deadlines or items the buyer needed from us. We love Daisy! She made a very tough process much easier and saved us thousands in the process! We whole heartedly recommend Daisy Casillas!
– J. Calkins on Zillow (Graham, WA) 10/2019

I initially contacted Daisy because of the lower commission. What I discovered is that she while she offered the lower commission, her service was that of a full priced agent. I highly recommended Daisy!
– TLC on Zillow (Yelm, WA) 10/2019

Really good experience working with Daisy. Very hands on realtor, and always replied very promptly to any questions we had. We have worked with other realtors who weren’t as dedicated to the process as Daisy was.
– G. Blackford on Zillow (Tacoma, WA) 10/2019

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